Mandate & Key Areas of Focus

Coordinate & Promote Club Environmental Action Events & Activities
Great Lakes Shoreline Cleanup Initiative April 2021
World Environment Day June 5, 2021
Adopt a Road Cleanup
Greenspace nature walks to promote member engagement, environmental sustainability actions (e.g. garbage removal) & promote the club’s & Rotary’s environmental consciousness through social media & web platforms
Align with Municipal & Region Environmental Sustainability Initiatives
Attend Regional Climate Change committee meetings
Interview municipal players involved with environmental Initiatives
Review Durham Region Roundtable notes on climate change
Develop policies & best practices to lessen the environmental impact of Rotary activities in Whitby/Durham Region
Environmental Sustainability Education of Club Members & the Community
Education of club through “Environmental Moment” at every club meeting 
Social media & website prominence – Action ideas for the community to support environmental sustainability
SHARE Ideas & SEEK Ideas on Environmental Initiatives w/District EAC & Other Clubs
Example: Nature walks / picking up garbage / member engagement / social media / website attention to environmental issues / highlight community environmental issues
Pick a project with overall community impact for 2020/2021 (and/or beyond) - potentially in partnership with community group, government, another District 7070 Club
Ensure Committee Member Expertise in Environmental Sustainability
Develop above average expertise of committee members
Monthly information & learning sessions in meeting 
Committee members keep eyes open for environmental related information: articles / webinars / blogs / videos etc., & shares with team
Contribute to development & implementation of actions aligned with D7070 EAC Strategic Plan
Leverage how other Clubs and District are approaching this new area of focus