$750 could be yours!  The Whitby Rotary Club recognizes results, and is offering a $750 bursary to Whitby and Brooklin graduating secondary school students who are planning to attend an accredited Canadian College or University.  
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Whitby and Brooklin Secondary School Bursary
Rotary Recognizes Results:  $750 Could be yours!
The Rotary Club of Whitby places high value on literacy, post-secondary education, community service, truth, fairness and goodwill.  In support of these values, the club is offering a $750 bursary to Town of Whitby and Brooklin graduating secondary school students.  This award recognizes the “whole” student based on several criteria including: community involvement, school involvement, extra-curricular activities/part-time employment, and overall life achievements.
Applicant Eligibility for Consideration:
All students who feel they meet the criteria outlined in the purpose, are from any of the eight (8) Whitby/Brooklin high schools and planning to pursue an accredited post-secondary education are eligible to apply.  Students applying for this bursary must be actively attending one of the Whitby/Brooklin secondary schools, have accepted admission to an accredited College or University in Canada at time of award and be starting their studies in the fall of their graduating year.  Each of the eight (8) Whitby/Brooklin secondary schools has the opportunity to have an unlimited number of applicants.
Format of Application:
Student participants submit directly to the Rotary Club of Whitby a package including:  
  • a personal information form,
  • resume,
  • recommendation of support from a teacher, guidance counsellor or school administrator and
  • an original written essay
The written essay, of 800 to 1000 words, must be the applicant’s original thoughts and written by the applicant in the applicant’s own words.  The focus of this essay would be on your demonstration of leadership and volunteerism in school and in the community.  Using examples of your leadership and volunteer experiences and through the thoughtful responses to the following questions, create the story:   
  • What or who influenced you to volunteer?
  • What has volunteering taught you?
  • How did you develop leadership skills through volunteering?
  • How have volunteer/leadership experiences impacted those around you, including yourself?
  • How do you see these experiences translating in your future?
The complete package is to be submitted to:           
A panel of judges will:
  1. Review the submitted packages
  2. Notify and interview selected candidates
  3. Make recommendation of selected finalists to the Rotary Club of Whitby Board of Directors for final approval
One student from each of the eight (8) schools will be eligible to be a Rotary Club of Whitby bursary recipient.
Completed Applications Due:  Thursday, March 28, 2024
Personal Interview:  Weeks of April 8 and 15, 2024
Confirmation of Post-Secondary Acceptance:  When available
Recommendation and Board Final Decision:  May, 2024
Student and school notification:  Upon confirmation of  acceptance of post-secondary institution attending
Financial Distribution
Each student prize winner will receive $750.  The funds provided to the student will be presented at their commencement exercise.
Judging Criteria
The judges will be selected from the Rotary Club of Whitby.  A rubric will be set up as to the criteria and weighting of the various components as described in the personal information form, resume, references, essay and interview.  The key elements include:    community service, volunteering, school involvement, extra-curricular activities/part-time employment, leadership, and overall achievements. A minimum score will be required to be recommended as a prize recipient. 
The children of Rotary Club of Whitby club members will not be eligible to participate.
For further information:   bursary@rotarywhitby.org
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