First Light Foundation of Hope Transforms Lives

First Light Foundation of Hope is fueled by faith with the goal of transforming the lives of people in Oshawa who are homeless and, sometimes, with addictions.
The non-profit was founded in 2018 by Reverend Roy who says he answered his “call to God.”
The downtown Oshawa shelter has been open primarily in pandemic times.
“The homeless were more visible. It was always there, but prior to COVID people were sheltered,” said Roy.
Roy says shelters in the downtown core ran at limited capacities, which pushed many homeless people out of their safe spaces.
At some points, soup kitchens in Oshawa also faced closures during the pandemic which led to more challenges.
This gave First Light Foundation of Hope the push to offer food and beverages beyond their usual free breakfasts.
They also help people who are homeless with clothing, mats for sleeping in the shelter, and one-on-one assistance with other needs in their lives.
“We are still in our infancy stage,” says Roy, who dreams of expanding to create a 24-hour a day, seven-day-a-week shelter where people can also receive rehabilitation services.
He sees the importance of helping people at the root of the problem. First Light Foundation of Hope follow five steps: outreach, stabilization, recovery, transition and reintegration.
”In that stabilization we hope to achieve a moment of clarity” says Roy.
He hopes to eventually offer more programming to help people mentally and spiritually, as well.
“It is about a hand up, not just a hand out,” says Roy.